About Native Village of Eyak


Due to state and local COVID-19 health mandates, all Tribal Council Meetings will be conducted electronically until further notice.

Contact Reyna at (907) 424-7738 or reyna@eyak-nsn.gov to request video/teleconference information and electronic meeting materials.



iiyaaGdaad. About NVE

The Native Village of Eyak is a federally recognized self-governing Tribe that provides governmental services within the Tribe’s customary and traditional use area: Prince William Sound, the Copper River, and the Gulf of Alaska.

Mission Statement

The Native Village of Eyak Traditional Council is a tribal government that promotes self-determination to Native Village of Eyak tribal members. Under the guidance of the Council, tribal offices provide health and social services, economic development, natural resource/environmental education, job opportunities and job training to the Native Village of Eyak. The Tribe operates in a way that is acceptable to Alaska Native cultural values and traditions in order to enhance the well being of our People both physically and spiritually. The Tribal Council seeks ways to enrich tribal living through community-operated tribal programs and self-determination.

Our Core Purpose

Create opportunities for Tribal Members while we protect our land and resources.

Our Traditional Values

  • God
  • Loyalty
  • Humor
  • Cooperation
  • Teaching
  • Cultural Pride
  • Sharing
  • Discipline
  • Language
  • Respect

Tribal Council

The Native Village of Eyak Traditional Tribal Council is the duly elected governing body of the tribe, composed of one Chairman and four members in accordance with the Native Village of Eyak Tribal Constitution and Bylaws.

Tribal Council Member terms alternate between two and three-year terms. Regular Tribal Council elections take place annually among eligible voters of the village in accordance with the Native Village of Eyak Tribal Election Ordinance.

Regular Tribal Council Meetings are scheduled for 5:00pm on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, unless otherwise noted. Special Tribal Council Meetings may be scheduled at Tribal Council’s discretion to address urgent business between regularly scheduled meetings. 

For more info regarding Tribal Council Meetings, please contact Reyna at (907) 424-7738 or reyna.newirth@eyak-nsn.gov

Current Tribal Council:

Brooke Mallory – Chair

Raven Cunningham – Vice Chair

Cheryl Eleshansky – Secretary/Treasurer

Luke Borer – Council Member

Darrel Olsen – Council Member

Pam Smith  – Council Member

Kanisha Tiedeman – Council Member