AwA' ahdah

Native Village of Eyak

10,000 Years in our Homeland


Welcome to the Native Village of Eyak.

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AwA’ ahdah aanda ’IAXshA’a’ch’L

AwA’ ahdah aanda’IAXshA’a’ch’L
Tai ggut itra


The Native Village of Eyak is an Alaska Native Village mostly comprised of four distinct Alaska Native peoples (Eyak, Chugach Region People, Tlingit, and Athabaskan) who are organized together as a federally recognized tribe. 

The area has always been a place known for trading, and traditionally the Eyak people acted as middlemen for the traders.  These have always been abundant lands and waters both for personal and commercial use through trading.  Our traditional lands follow the boundaries set under ANCSA in 1971 and stretch across the Copper River Delta and Prince William Sound to encompass Middleton Island. There are many historical village sites across our lands, with the last traditional village annexed into the City of Cordova in the early 1900’s.  

Today, ancient grave sites, longhouse remnants and culturally altered vegetation attest to the rich history of our homelands.  NVE supports the revitalization of our traditional languages and culture through annual events and heritage preservation which includes subsistence activities, skin sewing, weaving and beading as well as exercising our sovereign rights to self-governance through self-determination. 

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February Firewood Update:


Our Elder firewood distribution was delayed while we put the opportunity back out for bid. A new contractor has been selected and we will resume elder firewood distribution with a goal of being finished by early March. We will receive logs from Shepard Point in the coming months and will announce that distribution accordingly. You will see logs being stockpiled however we will not begin processing until we have all of the logs backhauled. Please do not cut your own firewood from these stockpiles. They are under video surveillance, and this will be treated as trespass and theft. Our next firewood distribution update will be on March 8, 2024.


and Family Services

The Elder Service Program assists and coordinates services and activities for Alaska Native and American Indian Elders.

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FDPIR (Federal Distribution Program on an Indian Reservation) and TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program) programs provides food to low-income families on a monthly basis. Cordova residents may apply for both programs.

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The Indian Child Welfare Act was created in 1978 to help protect the connection of Native Children in State custody to their culture and to their tribe.

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Family Program Services plans and holds youth and community events in order to support tribal youth and families, promote Eyak culture and provide fun activities for all families. 

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This program is responsible for the Native Village of Eyak’s domestic violence and sexual assault programs and the development of a child advocacy center.

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The Health and Wellness Advocate assists individuals as they navigate the health system, reducing barriers to enrolling and participating in programs and services. They also inform and empower tribal members to make positive changes in their health and wellness.

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Ilanka Community


The Ilanka Community Health Center provides personalized, quality health care for the entire community as a recognized “Patient Centered Medical Home”.   We put patients first by including them in all aspects of their care and empowering them to seek the best solution for management or treatment. 

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At the Ilanka Community Health Center, we offer a range a services for all ages.  From sports physicals to cancer screening, our care teams are committed to providing personalized quality health care to the Cordova Community.  

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ICHC offers in-house laboratory services. Please see our list of in-house labs offered at ICHC. 

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Our Indian Child Welfare Act worker is part of NVE’s social services and works closely to align Native interests with child safety.

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ICHC partners with The Eye Guys and the South Central Foundation for their optometry needs.  Find out how to make an appointment today.

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Ilanka Community Health Center uses a phone-based interpreter service.  These services are offered at no cost to the patients. 

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In fall of 2016 the Native Village of Eyak purchased the Prince William Sound Marina. This for-profit business allows NVE to help provide additional storage services for the community.

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Department of the

Environment and Natural Resources

The Office of the Environment works to protect the Native Village of Eyak’s traditional lands, manage subsistence resources for the tribe, and prevent, or mitigate, environmental damage.

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The people of Eyak have been stewards of this land for over 7,000 years and the Office of Natural Resources seeks to continue that tradition.

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DENR has expansive capacity to  mobilize and conduct high-quality research projects on any scale in Prince William Sound, the Copper River and the Copper River Delta.

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The NVE Tribal Court is committed to addressing issues in a way that promotes respect and healing. There are multiple forms of court available to meet the needs of different situations. 

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We can be even more successful when we work together. The Tribal Court has partnered with state agencies to develop diversion programs available to community members.

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The SBRA program provides assistance to Tribal Members of the Native Village of Eyak to help with housing costs while attending post-secondary education.

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Mini-grants provide assistance to Tribal Members of the Native Village of Eyak to help with housing efficiency upgrades.

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The Ilanka Cultural Center Museum preserves and exhibits a collection of prehistoric, historic and contemporary tribal artifacts focused on the Prince William Sound and Copper River Delta.   

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The gift shop will create a space for Native vendors, primarily local to Alaska, to showcase and sell their items. This entrepreneurial opportunity for the Native Village of Eyak supports the Ilanka Cultural Center’s mission of preserving and promoting our native culture, heritage and history.

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The Native Village of Eyak Tribal Library is located within the Ilanka Cultural Center. Our reference library is cataloged and searchable within the Cordova Public Library system and provides a space to read some books that offer a lot of interest to our tribal community.

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The Ilanka Cultural Center holds several annual cultural events focused on subsistence activities and cultural heritage.

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The Ilanka Cultural Center conducts regular classes to teach the Eyak and Sugcestun languages, as well as other cultural classes.

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The Ilanka Cultural Center supports various cultural activities, including the Native Youth Olympics, education scholarships and subsistence activities.

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Visit the Online Gift Shop

The Ilanka Cultural Center Gift Shop was created in 2004 to act as a Native marketplace to better the lives of the Native Village of Eyak community. The gift shop will create a space for Native vendors, primarily local to Alaska, to showcase and sell their items. This entrepreneurial opportunity for the Native Village of Eyak supports the Ilanka Cultural Center’s mission of preserving and promoting our native culture, heritage and history.

Our Gift Shop carries both locally made artwork as well as from other artists around the state, which include handcrafts, beaded and copper jewelry, fur teddy bears, ivory carvings, photographs, cards, salves sweatshirts, books and mugs.